How to MOJA

How does Moja Prepaid Work:

Here's how to Moja your life! 

Step 1:

Sign-up for any Prepaid Data packages over the value of R230.    
You can pay using Online Banking, Debit Card or Cash with 1Voucher & BluVoucher. 
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 Step 2:

Get your "Moja Box" installed.
We will place the order with the fibre network provider for you. They will come and install at your home. 

Step 3:

Enjoy your data!

Step 4:

Top up or recharge when you need to. You can save up to 60 Moja DAYS.
*You can only top up for Days on the same line speed you are on. ie. If you are on 20Mbps, you can only topup with 20Mbps packages.
We always need DATA, so you just need to come back and top up each time! Kulula!